TechScooper is specialized in robot design and manufacturing through combined expertise in software, hardware and perception. With a multi-disciplinary approach, we offer an extensive variety of technical services to help you at each phase of the improvement procedure for your robotic system.

TechScooper conducts Training Program on different emerging technologies like Basic Robotics, Embedded Systems, Arduino, Internet of Things and PCB Designing. The training curriculum has been designed according to the present industry needs & implementation specific demands which are executed by all around experienced and sound experts.
Our goal is to help students to pick up a top to bottom information of the connected innovation and its working. For present and future reference we give abundant preparing materials focusing the subject and application areas of the technology.

Our Robotics Development Performance

Our Robotics Development Services

TechScooper has the skills for building solutions that feature gesture control, object tracking and other human-computer interaction capabilities

  • Custom Embedded Solution
  • Custom Robotics Development
  • Gesture Control
  • Object Tracking
  • Robot Platform
  • Control Systems & Software

Technology Expertise

  • Arduino Microcontroller
  • Processing IDE
  • Raspberry Pi

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