Bluetooth Robotics


TechScooper provide Workshop on Bluetooth Robotics in 2 days based on Arduino UNO, Ultrasonic sensor, IR sensor, Relay, HC-05 etc. HC-05 / HC-06 based Bluetooth Controlled Robot works in heeding with the commands sent from Android based Smart Phone using a Developed Android Application and Bluetooth Technology. This course is your ticket into the universe of Robotics, one of the most smoking engineering streams in the World. You will work on basic to advanced robots with practical exercises on key robotics technologies.

Workshop Highlight

  • Learn to use of Motors.
  • Learn to use of Sensors.
  • Learn to use Relays
  • Learn Arduino & Arduino Coding with different modules.
  • Interfacing with Motor Driver.
  • Interfacing with external peripherals.
  • Interfacing with Bluetooth module
  • Real time working with Robots.
  • Robotics competition

Workshop Attraction

  • Free Robotic Kit to individual group.
  • Certificate by TechScooper
  • Certificate of Participation to all participants.
  • Certificate of Merit to all Winners of zonal round.
  • Upgrade your knowledge through different live projects.
  • Chance to Represent yourself in Finale.

Who can attend the above Workshops? All B.E/B-Tech, Diploma Students, Professionals & Hobbyists.

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